Human Resource Manager

HCMC, Vietnam

About this position in our company

Strategic A.I. is seeking a trusted and highly responsible person with great emotional intelligence (high in EQ) that is great with people to spearhead our recruitment and personnel management within our company.

Take this key role  to help our company grow from our current humble beginnings into a medium size organisation and beyond.

Job requirements

  • University or higher degree preferably in Economics, Business Administration, Law, Human Resource Management or related fields.

  • Preferable to have 2 or more years of experience as Head of Human Resources or equivalent positions.

  • Understand and regularly stay informed  of updates to the Enterprise Law, Labor Law and related laws.

  • Having a good professional knowledge about human resource management, psychology and the art of human behaviour.

  • Able to work independently, be good at analytical thinking, problem solving and system thinking.

1. 4 Benefits

  • Fully enjoy the regimes as prescribed by law (health insurance, social insurance, unemployment insurance).

  • Enjoy welfare regimes according to the company's regulations (vacation, salary, bonus, Tet holiday, ect. ).

  • Fully enjoy the benefits and regimes according to the remuneration policy of the Company.

  • Working in a professional and friendly environment, with many opportunities for career promotion and development.

1. 5 Company Regulations

Work location:  Ho Chi Minh City (Central)

Job Roles and Tasks

  • Develop and implement a human resource strategy consistent with the overall business strategy in each stage of the company's development.

  • As a bridge between the Board of Directors and employees; understand the thoughts and aspirations of the company's employees. To be in charge of advising the Board of Directors to make decisions on personnel.

  • Develop and execute a recruitment strategy. Implement recruitment projects, including corporate branding focused towards employees to meet the long-term and short-term needs of human resources.

  • Develop policies, regulations and management of personnel related activities: Apprentice regime, probation, labour contract, salary, bonus, annual leave, timekeeping for salary calculation, leave, etc.

  • Develop and ensure implementation of the Performance Evaluation System (KPI’s) and Employee Competency Assessment.

  • Complete and implement the system of Salary, Bonus and Long-term benefits, based on work performance.

  • Construct and maintain a system of employee rules and regulations.

  • Provision, manage and monitor the system of developing processes within the organisation, ensuring each division, team and person continues to develop the organisational processes.

  • Advise upper management for the development of the company's organisational structure, including the company’s divisions and compliance monitoring.

  • Evaluate the need, develop training plans, and develop short-term / medium-term / long-term team development orientation.

  • Develop and propose appropriate training programs for resource development and to fulfil organisational resource requirements.

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